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Interactive Solutions

Banking today no longer means just going to a branch and standing in line, it’s about transacting wherever and whenever your customers choose. The NCR Interactive Teller combines video collaboration and remote transaction processing technology embedded within the ATM to give your customer the choice of self-service or connecting with a remote teller in a highly personalized, two-way audio/video interaction. There’s a wide range of benefits you and your customers will realize through a successful implementation:

  • Lower teller transaction costs with improved efficiency

  • Reduce transaction times

  • Expanded hours to address customer needs

  • Address staffing challenges

  • Expand branch footprint to serve new markets and offer additional convenient locations

  • Offer a differentiating service





POPi/o is changing the way consumers interact with their financial institution. POPi/o Mobile Video provides a solution that helps community financial institutions connect with their consumers through video collaboration.


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